กดที่ nomination form.

This form should be completed by a member of the Rotaract club’s sponsor club or the district governor or another district officer. Or, if a Rotaract club doesn’t have a sponsor, the club’s president may nominate the club for the citation.

Some Rotaract clubs are sponsored by more than one club. In such cases, decide which sponsor club will submit the nomination. Only the first nomination of each Rotaract club will be considered.

If you’re nominating more than one Rotaract club, use a separate form for each club.

You will be asked for information about the Rotaract club, including its club ID, complete name, and district number, as well as some details about the club’s activities.

Only Rotaract clubs that have an active charter with Rotary International are eligible for the citation.

All nominations must be completed by 15 August. Nominations received after 15 August will not be considered.

If you need to stop work on this form before you finish, you won’t be able to save what you’ve entered, so it’s a good idea to gather all the information before you begin. If you have everything you need, let’s get started.

To nominate a Rotaract club for this award, you should be one of the following. Please indicate your role (required):

  • Rotaract club president (my Rotaract club doesn’t have a sponsor club)
  • Sponsor club president
  • District governor
  • Other Club or District Officer

 Rotaract club information:

  • Rotaract Club ID
  • Rotaract Club Name
  • District

Sponsoring Rotary Club’s president’s contact information(If Rotaract club does not have a sponsoring Rotary club, provide Rotaract Club president’s contact information)

Rotaract clubs must complete at more than half (12 or more) of the following activities. Check the goals that the Rotaract club achieved during the Rotary year.

  • Met its membership increase goal
  • Met its goal for number of members who participated in club service activities
  • Met the goal for number of members who were members of at least one Rotary Action Group
  • Met the goal for number of leadership or professional development programs the club organized to enhance members’ skills
  • Met the goal for number of members who attended the district conference
  • Met the goal for number of members who were members of a Rotary Fellowship
  • Met the goal for number of club members who attended district training (in person or online)
  • Met the goal for number of club members who accessed the Learning Center and number of courses completed by members
  • Contributed to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund and met the requirements for the Rotaract Giving Certificate
  • Met the goal for number of events held to raise funds for, or to increase awareness of, Rotary’s work to eradicate polio
  • Partnered with a sponsor club on a significant local or international service project in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus
  • Met the goal for number of Rotaract clubs sponsored
  • Met the goal for number of Interact clubs co-sponsored
  • Met the goal for number of club members who were involved in planning or participating in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
  • Hosted a meeting that introduces members to Rotary programs, including RYLA, New Generations Service Exchange
  • Has an up-to-date strategic plan
  • Has an online presence that accurately reflects its current activities
  • Met the goal for number of social activities held outside of regular meetings
  • Met the goal for updating the club’s website or social media accounts
  • Promoted on social media an event or activity the club held during World Rotaract Week
  • Used Rotary International’s messaging and public service materials, such as broadcast videos, print ads, and other official materials in the Brand Center, to promote Rotaract in the community
  • Submitted the club’s best project for the Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards

Briefly describe the activity the Rotaract club undertook to raise funds for, or increase awareness of, Rotary’s work toward polio eradication.

Was this a local or international project?

  • Local
  • International

Which of Rotary’s Areas of Focus were highlighted?  (select all that apply)

  • Peacebuilding and conflict prevention
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Community economic development

Signature (enter email address, required)

I wish to receive an email with a copy of my nomination

  • Yes
  • No

Dear President jirajeerungchai,

We have received a nomination for the Rotary Citation for the Rotaract Club of . 

Please use this form to access the certificate files.

You can complete and print the certificate from this page.

 Questions regarding this process can be directed to

Best regards,

RI Awards Team

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 This will download the certificate template to your computer.  Click on the file to open it.  If the template opens in “Protected View” you may need to click the box “Enable Editing.”  Simply enter the name of the Rotaract club from the email that included this form link, save the document to your computer, and either email it or print and present it to your Rotaract club.

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